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Emergency Management - Message Detail  

To: The Yale Community
From: Jack Callahan, Jr. and Janet Lindner
Posted Date: Jan 04, 2018 03:23:00 pm
Summary:  University to resume operations on Friday
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2018 04:22:41 pm Message ID: 163748

Dear Colleagues,

As expected, the blizzard continues to bring snow and wind throughout the area. The forecast calls for the snow to end later tonight, and Yale’s staff members who are performing critical functions have been working throughout last night and today to keep the campus safe and functioning well.

The University will resume regular operations tomorrow, Friday, January 5th. Please plan to arrive at your usual time tomorrow. Yale’s shuttle will be running, starting at 6:00 a.m., and parking garages will be open. Facilities staff are working hard to ensure that sidewalks and walkways are clear, and City and State crews will continue to plow throughout the evening, but please allow extra time for travel tomorrow morning. If you are not performing a critical function and would like to take paid time off tomorrow, please contact your supervisor.

If you encounter a serious facilities issues on campus, such as broken pipes, call (203) 432-6888.

The City of New Haven parking ban is in effect until further notice. There is NO parking in the downtown area, on posted snow routes, and 25 feet from any intersection, bus stop or fire hydrant. In residential areas, parking is only allowed on the even side of the street. Further information may be obtained by calling (203) 946-SNOW (7669) or checking

We are grateful to the many staff members who worked tirelessly today and the many who will be working through the night to make sure that sidewalks are cleared, patients are cared for, labs function smoothly, and that the campus is kept safe. We greatly appreciate the critical services you provide.