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Emergency Management - Message Detail  

To: The Yale Community
From: Jack Callahan, Jr. and Janet Lindner
Posted Date: Mar 13, 2017 11:33:51 am
Summary:  University status regarding upcoming blizzard
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017 11:51:49 am Message ID: 150626

Based on the National Weather Service forecast for blizzard conditions, the university will be closed on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 7:00 a.m. through Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. for non-critical employees. If you are an employee serving a critical function, please check with your supervisor regarding your work schedule. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them, including the status of University operations on Wednesday.

Staff performing critical functions in departments that are responsible for life, health, safety, and security of our staff, students or patients – must report to work on time and as directed by their supervisors. If you have any doubt about whether you are considered a critical service provider, please contact your supervisor immediately. Clerical & Technical and Service & Maintenance staff members who work in critical functions and who are directed by their supervisor to report to work, and who do so, will be paid time-and-one-half for hours worked. Staff members who are directed to work but are unable to do so will be required to use their paid time off. Staff members who are not required to report to work on Tuesday will be paid in accordance with their regular work schedule.

The university has plans in place in case there are power outages or other impacts from the storm on campus. Important services such as police, security, dining, and facilities are ready to implement their emergency staffing and business continuity plans.

Emergency personnel in New Haven have asked people to remain indoors during and after the storm to allow crews to clear the snow. You can help all of us by staying off the roads and walkways, remaining indoors, and avoiding any activity that might put you or an emergency responder in danger. Please make necessary plans and purchases to ensure that you do stay indoors for the duration of this dangerous storm.

Due to the severity of the storm, the City of New Haven will likely announce a parking ban. Later today, we will follow-up with more information regarding the City’s preparedness activities. To receive alert messages directly from the City, please sign-up at Parking ban information and other updates will also be posted at

In the meantime, the following schedules are in effect:

DINING SERVICES: on Monday March 13, between the hours of 1:30—4:00 p.m. undergraduate students who are still on campus will be able to come and get food to get them through the storm. Please bring your student ID.
  • Students who reside at Silliman, TD, Stiles, Morse, Branford and Saybrook should come to Silliman for pick up.
  • Students who reside at Hopper, Trumbull, Berkeley, JE, Davenport and Pierson should come to Hopper for pick up.
  • All dining retail operations will be closed.
YALE HEALTH:  Acute care and the Infirmary remain open for urgent needs. We encourage routine requests to wait until Wednesday. The pharmacy will be closed on Tuesday.

YALE MEDICINE: All Clinics in all locations will be closed on Tuesday and on Wednesday until noon. Patients are being contacted to be rescheduled.

TRANSPORTATION:  The Yale Shuttle will suspend its services starting at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday; we will try to resume operations on Wednesday morning. Please continue to monitor for updates.

PARKING: The Pierson Sage Garage will be open today starting at 4:00 p.m. for people who need to get their cars off the street. Parking is limited and we will ask you to move your vehicle on Wednesday morning as we return to regular operations. Reduced cost parking will also be available at Granite Square and Temple Street garages.

CLOSINGS: A list of closings and cancellations, as they have been conveyed to us, will be posted at As operations start to return to normal, we will post scheduled opening times on the site as well.

FACILITIES. For serious facilities issues like broken pipes or downed electrical lines, call (203) 432-6888.

LABS: To the greatest extent possible, put current research and high risk operations on hold until the storm has passed and road conditions support easy access for emergency responders.

MAJOR EMERGENCIES:  As always, for major emergencies, call 911.

Please check for information about campus status, changes in transportation schedules, changes in services, and other storm-related matters.  Please take steps today to ensure you have all necessary provisions to be safe through the storm.